3 сентября 2013

Garant. Daily monitoring of the Federal legislation at 3.09.2013

  • Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 739 of August 26, 2013 on individual issues of state regulation, control and supervision in the area of financial market of the Russian Federation – appropriate powers are handed over to the Bank of Russia

  • Order of the Federal Antimonopoly Service No. 462/13 of July 17, 2013 on the introduction of additional requirements to price bids submitted for participation in competitive selection of power for 2014 by suppliers of power (of a group of persons) occupying a dominating position at the wholesale market within the single free power transfer zone

  • Order of the Federal Service for Financial Markets No. 13-57/pz-n of July 9, 2013 on the endorsement of the requirements to the form of document confirming assigning the state registration number or identification number to an issue of stocks for placing in the cases of reorganisation, if the legal entity created by reorganisation is a joint-stock company


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