27 июля 2011

Garant. Daily monitoring of the Federal legislation at 26.07.2011

  • Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 602 of July 20, 2011 on the Endorsement of the Requirements to Lighting Devices and Electric Lamps Used for Lighting in Alternating Current Circuits
    Specifies the above requirements.
  • Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 613 of July 22, 2011 on the Working out, Connection and Functioning of the Federal Electronic Applications Other Than the Bank Electronic Application
    Specifies the working out of the federal applications of the universal electronic card.
  • Order of the Federal Service for Financial Markets No. 11-22/pz-n of May 24, 2011 on the Endorsement of the Methodology Recommendations on the Endorsement by the Bodies and Organisations Mentioned in Item 9 of Article 4 of the Federal Law on the Combating of Illegal Use of Insider Information and Manipulation of the Market and on the Amendments to Individual Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation, Normative Acts Containing Exhaustive Lists of Insider Infromation
    The forming of exhaustive lists of insider information.

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